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Jul 06, 2018

Is head banging hazardous to my health?

Dear Alice,

I am the front man for a heavy metal band that is steadily growing in popularity. During shows, the whole band head bangs, but I seem to go a little bit harder than everyone else. Every morning after a show, I wake up with stiffness, soreness, and slight swelling of my neck and upper shoulders. Lately, I have been thinking that maybe thrashing my head around as if it isn't connected to my body is a bad idea.

My question is this: Does head banging cause any permanent injury that I should be concerned with? If so, how could I head bang differently to lessen the injury?

Thank you very much,

Pain in the Neck

Is it okay to feel lightheaded and dizzy after physical activity?

1) Dear Alice,

Light-headedness when I stop running:

When I do a 3-mile or 5-mile run, I run for time and try to finish with nothing in the tank. The closer I get to the end, the more I push myself, because I know I don't need to sustain the effort much longer. When I stop running, I suddenly get very light-headed and dizzy. It never happens while I'm running. I walk briskly while I'm warming down, but that doesn't prevent it. Why does this happen? Is it dangerous?

2)  Dear Alice,

Sometimes after jogging a while, or cycling a great distance, my head begins to spin and I feel as if I'm going to pass out. Is it normal to have feelings like these, and if so, how intense should these feelings be?

P.S.: your forum is a very helpful resource when a problem occurs in my life. Thank you for your continuing, inspiring, helpful answers to a lot of life's little (and some not so little) questions.

Sprained ankle

Dear Alice,

What is the best home treatment for an apparently badly sprained ankle?

— Limping

Foot odor

Dear Alice,

Thanks for the column and past advice. My wife recently began complaining of foot odor (her own). I suggested washing her feet several times a day and to use a deodorant. She's done this for about a week now but still complains about the odor. Please solve this dilemma. Thanks a bunch!!

— Married to Bigfoot