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Coming Soon — Customized full versions of Go Ask Alice! for your campus.

The award winning website provides readers with accurate, reliable, accessible, culturally competent information, while offering a range of thoughtful perspectives that support student health and well-being. The most respected health Q&A website for college students for over 20 years, Go Ask Alice! answers questions about alcohol & other drugs; emotional health; nutrition & physical activity; general health; relationships; and sexual & reproductive health. Go Ask Alice! does not and will not contain any form of commercial advertising.

Campuses licensing Go Ask Alice! will receive:

  • Institutional branding (your campus logo)
  • Domain integration (goaskalice.yourcampus.edu)
  • Your On-Campus & Emergency Resources
  • Q&As listing your resources
  • Analytics to monitor site utilization
  • Templates for marketing

Alice!’s goal is to make accurate, reliable, culturally competent health information more accessible. With thousands of sites already linking to the site, this option makes access to the content even easier; plus, it makes a unique and customized resource available just for your students. Simply complete the form to request more information about having a customized version of Go Ask Alice! for your campus.

Please note that full site syndication is only available to other college and university campuses.


Information on the cost of licensing the full site with customization is based on student enrollment and will be posted when the licensing system is fully available.

Technical Information

All licensed custom versions of Go Ask Alice! will be hosted on Columbia’s contracted infrastructure. The licensee will have access to edit the local resources and view analytic reports, but no editorial rights to other content or areas of the site. Custom versions of Go Ask Alice! do not require any IT infrastructure from the licensee leaving you free to focus on connecting your students with the thousands of helpful Q&As, quizzes, polls, and other health information resources available on the site.

** Please note that health questions submitted via this form will not be considered for answering and publication on the site. Please submit all health questions via the Ask Alice! page.


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