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Go Ask Alice! and Columbia University welcome opportunities to work with non-profit institutions, websites, media outlets, and other companies and organizations to increase access to accurate, reliable, and culturally competent health information.

Collaborations and use of Go Ask Alice! content can take many forms. If you would like more information on linking to the site, licensing Q&A for reproduction (in whole or part), getting a feed of Go Ask Alice! content on your site, or licensing the full site, please use the respective forms on the Syndication & Licensing section of the site. To inquire about all other forms of collaboration please submit your request via the form below.

Go Ask Alice! does not accept unsolicited recommendations for links to add to our site. The team of health professionals supporting Go Ask Alice! at Columbia University reviews and recommends resources in an ongoing manner.

** Please note that health questions submitted via this form will not be considered for answering and publication on the site. Please submit all health questions via the Ask Alice! page.

Unfortunately, Alice! cannot respond to requests for help with academic assignments. Columbia students wishing to speak directly with a health promotion specialist need to contact Alice! Health Promotion, a unit of Columbia Health.

Go Ask Alice! content and graphics are copyrighted and may be downloaded only for personal use. Go Ask Alice! content and graphics may not be otherwise reproduced or distributed for any purpose. Visit the Columbia University Copyright page for full copyright information.


Go Ask Alice!, Alice! Health Promotion, and Columbia Health, made the carefully considered decision to not accept commercial sponsorship of any type for Go Ask Alice! Readers have come to rely on us for honest, frank health information free of commercial messages. It is a source of pride that the site has never included advertising and has maintained a commitment to maintaining this policy.


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