Licensing Q&As

Go Ask Alice! and Columbia University welcome opportunities to work with colleges, universities, non-profit institutions, websites, media outlets, and other companies and organizations to increase access to accurate, reliable, and culturally competent health information. Go Ask Alice! content (questions and answers) are available for license by Internet sites and service providers, newspapers, magazines, blogs, book publishers, and health awareness campaigns and promotional events.

The cost of licensing content varies based on the amount of content licensed, intended use, frequency of use, and other factors. Go Ask Alice! endeavors to keep costs affordable for licensees.

Please send a message with contact information and details of your licensing inquiry using the form below. While all requests are considered, decisions regarding approval of content licensing are at the sole discretion of the Go Ask Alice! team at Columbia Univesity and we do not offer any guarantees of approval.

** Please note that health questions submitted via this form will not be considered for answering and publication on the site. Please submit all health questions via the Ask Alice! page.


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