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Aug 02, 2019

Side effects of drinking seltzer water?

Dear Alice,

I read on someone's blog about drinking seltzer water if you're trying to quit drinking soft drinks but still need that fizz. Are there any good/bad side effects to drinking seltzer water?

Diet soda versus water for a workout: And the winner is...

Dear Alice,

I know that when working out or doing physical activity, you should drink a fair amount of water. I drink a lot of diet soda (used to drink a lot of regular soda), as much as two liters plus in a day. Is diet soda an okay replacement for water? If not, why?


Coach limits water during practice — Help!

Dear Alice,

I have a question about dehydration. I am an eighteen-year-old female and play on a varsity basketball team. We usually have two-hour practices in which we work very hard. Our coach does not give us water breaks, and usually by the end of practice, we have cottonmouth and are "dying" for water. It is horrible. Is there any way that not having water during that time can be dangerous? Sometimes the team can feel sick or weak by the end of a practice.

Thirsty one

What to drink before, during, and after physical activity

1) Dear Alice,

I am a soccer player who is extremely active and drinks lots of water. I am wondering, for my sake, whether it is better to drink cold water or warm water. While we all like cold water better, I was wondering if because of the fact that your stomach is a lot closer to body temperature than the temperature of most tap water, that it would be better to drink warm water. I thought this because it seemed like your stomach would be able to handle it a lot better. Thank you for your time.

— J

2) Alice,

What's the best thing to drink before a workout? After?

— Thirsty

Not drinking enough fluids?

Dear Alice,

I hardly drink any fluid during the day; maybe a glass of water with my evening meal. I've been like this my whole life — I just don't get thirsty. Someone told me that this is dangerous. What do you think? I don't handle warm temperatures very well. Could it be related?

— The Lizard