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Sep 28, 2018

Bloating or water retention?


Besides pre-menstrual hormonal changes, what causes bloating or water retention? Lately, I have experienced bloating in the stomach area, and I would like to know what I can do to prevent it or at least alleviate the discomfort and the occasional pain associated with it. I heard that a diet high in sodium may cause bloating.


Feeling Discomfort

Salt substitutes

Dear Alice,

I have recently started a low-sodium diet to lose water weight. I have one burning question though... Does salt substitute make you retain water like salt does or not? It tastes very similar but it is potassium instead of sodium chloride. Please help me.

Thank You,

Calcium, milk, and osteoporosis

(1) Dear Alice,

In college, I was told that I needed four cups of milk a day to make my calcium requirement. So for the past year, I've run up a serious milk bill. But now, I keep hearing that drinking milk, taking calcium supplements, etc. actually depletes the calcium from the body. I am worried about contracting osteoporosis in later life (I'm now 23 years old). What do you think?


(2) Dear Alice,

Does drinking milk prevent osteoporosis? Then what are the best ways to prevent osteoporosis?