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Sep 01, 2017

How can I eat well at college?

Dear Alice,

How do you maintain a healthy and low-fat diet while living in the college dorms? I am concerned that I will either gain tons of weight or become anorexic. Please help.

Confused and College Bound

Uncomfortable with college stresses

Dear Alice

Until college, I was able to handle stress very well. I managed many responsibilities in and out of school, and was thrilled when I was accepted here. Now that I am here, however, I feel unusually unable to deal with daily stresses. I find myself sleeping more than I used to; I have difficulty focusing on work, and the feelings of stress that come upon me seem always to bring extra feelings of depression and confusion. I have decided to cut down on my drinking in order to keep up with my work, but it was never much of a problem before anyway. I don't use drugs, and I don't feel as though I have a hard time making friends. I am not, I don't think, homesick. I am however, somehow uncomfortable with college stresses. I know this isn't much to go on, but can you offer any insight? I don't feel crazy or insane, just a bit uncomfortable.

— Dazed and Confused...

Demanding boyfriend, school, and balancing it all

Dear Alice,

I am a first-year student and I can't take it anymore. I study so much with no avail. My boyfriend doesn't understand. He expects me to make love with him every weekend. He lives in Brooklyn and so I go home on weekends. My friends think that I should stay with him and I really do love him. I wouldn't mind having sex except I think my grades are suffering. I got an "88" on my Physics midterm which is curved to a grade of a "A-". I am getting an "A" in calculus, A- in ArtHum. I also got a B+ in Chem and an A+ in Chem Lab. I am so disappointed. I really need to do well in school. I don't know what to do. I am totally depressed.

Yours truly,

Worried Sex NoMore

Can stress from school cause nausea and stomachaches?

Hi Alice,

I'm a student in the midst of midterms and all that, so I've been really busy and not taking as good care of myself as usual (though trying my best), though I wouldn't say that I've been any more stressed than your average student. My question has to do with nausea though: I've been waking up lately and my stomach hurts and I don't know why. I can't think of any medical/strictly physiological reason why, so I was wondering: is it possible that this is stress related? (Can stress/anxiety make one sick with a knot in their stomach??) This has only happened a few times, recently, all during this midterm/work craziness.

Sick from Stress???

Can't process spoken speech — which makes school difficult!

Dear Alice,

I have trouble following spoken speech. It's always made school difficult for me and now it's one of the reasons why I think I'll have to quit college (I'm on leave right now). I would listen to lectures or go to instructors for extra help, but my brain just wouldn't absorb anything it heard. This put a huge burden of self-instruction on me and it made it impossible for me to participate in class discussions.

I think this tendency affects me in other ways too. For example, I don't and never have been able to sit through movies or watch TV — I never know what's going on in them. In daily interactions I manage OK with processing short exchanges of information or instructions, but I don't have "conversations" at all unless it's absolutely necessary, and when I do it's exhausting and unpleasant (I speak VERY little and have never had a friend, so it's no exaggeration to say that I don't have conversations).

Until college, I was always able to compensate for this difficulty by just studying hard and teaching myself. I got high grades and was going to a reputedly good college. Can you suggest any explanation for a problem of this sort and how to deal with it so that I might be able to graduate from college?