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Feb 01, 2019

Why do you answer dumb questions?

Dear Alice,

I was just looking at your column to see if I had gotten an answer to my question that I asked about yeast infections and I see no answer. That is okay, but I read on and see some of the Q&As, and I have to say that I am very disappointed you answer dumb questions, like who do I have to thank for my penis size and can we have sex when I am pregnant. Why do you answer dumb questions like that?

— Betty

How Go Ask Alice! works


Do all of your questions get answered? If so, how long does it take for them to be posted? I have asked three questions and have not seen a response yet.

— Curious

Gotta get my new Q&A fix! Where can I find 'em?!

1) Dear Alice,

Just had a quick easy question about your webpage!! I wanted to know if there is anywhere on your page to just see what answers/questions that you post each week? I have looked through the site I don't know how many times to just see the new stuff besides the top five or six that you answer. It seems like I find a few every now and then that I have not seen before. Maybe as a suggestion: Make a link to show the Regs to the page what all you answer each week so we don't have to search for them.



2) Dear Alice,

I would just like to complain that you said that new questions and answers were going to be posted every Friday. Well it's Friday, and the same old questions are still there. When will the new ones be up? Otherwise your site is great and has good advice and answers on it. I just wish you could post the new questions soon as I asked one. Love you, Alice.

— x

Go Ask Alice! navigation tips

Dear Alice,

Is there any hope of getting "Alice!'s" archived answers re-configured so that you can go directly to a specific question without having to scroll through every subsequent one? I have a feeling Alice is getting so many redundant questions because looking for a previous answer to the same question is incredibly time-consuming, especially if it's an old one. Try it sometime!

— Constructive critic

Does Alice respond directly to inquirers?

1) Dear Alice,

If you answer a question on your website, do you also send the answer to the individual? Which is to ask, do I need to keep checking in to see if you've answered my question?

2) Dear Alice,

Did you receive my question from Sunday? If so, do you give individual responses?

3) Hi Alice,

Is it possible that you answer a question privately? In other words, can I be sure that my question won't be posted on the Internet, and still get my answer?

— lonely grad student