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Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep plays an integral role in maintaining physical and mental health. Not getting enough quality sleep can interfere with a person’s ability to store newly learned information, potentially leading to a negative impact on academic performance. In addition, sleep deprivation is associated with daytime sleepiness, depressed mood, impaired concentration and memory, and a weakened immune system. Practicing healthy sleep habits (also known as good sleep hygiene) can make a big difference in a person’s quality of life. A considerable amount of research has demonstrated that practicing sleep hygiene strategies such as the ones listed below, improves sleep quality and prevents sleep disturbances among university students.

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Talking to doctors

How do I get an abortion?

Due to the changing legal landscape in the United States, access to abortion can vary by state. Various resources can be utilized in order to find an abortion provider and to learn about what services are available in your state. Different funds also exist to help people who need these services pay for the costs associated with it.

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Medical Services (CUIMC)

Medical Services within Student Health on Haven provides a full range of primary care services and any needed referrals to specialty services as needed  for students at the CUIMC campus.

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Medical Services (Morningside)

Medical Services provides routine and urgent medical care, travel medicine, immunizations, sexual and reproductive health services, LGBTQ health care, and confidential HIV testing, among other services. 

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Nicotine Cessation (Morningside)

Columbia students can meet with a tobacco cessation specialist, who will provide individual support and help students understand the process of quitting along with developing a personal plan to stop using tobacco. They may also provide options for nicotine replacements or other medical support.

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Nutrition Services (CUIMC)

Students at the CUIMC campus can make an appointment to speak with a nutritionist about proper meal planning, setting realistic nutrition goals, and other nutrition questions. 

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Nutrition Services (Morningside)

Following a balanced pattern of eating has a number of potential benefits.

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Physical Education & Recreation (Morningside)

The Physical Education & Recreation Program of Columbia University at The Dodge Fitness Center meets the educational, recreational, and wellness needs and interests of the University community. 

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Public Safety (CUIMC)

In the event of a security, fire, or medical emergency on the Medical Center campus, contact Public Safety or call 911.

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STI Basics

Sexually transmitted infections are infections that are transmitted from person-to-person during anal, oral, or vaginal sex; genital skin-to-skin contact, or when fluids are exchanged from one person to another. This can occur via direct contact with the fluid or through the mutual use of sex toys.

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