Woman's first orgasm

Dear Alice,

I have been sexually active for almost two years and yesterday I had my first orgasm, and I wasn't even having intercourse. Is there something wrong with me?

Dear Reader,

No, something is right with you! Whether you were flying solo, enjoying oral sex, or just experiencing sensational stimulation on one of your many erogenous zones, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of ways to achieve orgasm, other than intercourse. Some women have their first orgasm through masturbation, use of a vibrator, or oral sex, among other things. In fact, some people can "think" themselves into an orgasm, and some orgasms happen when someone is dreaming and there's no physical stimulation at all (2% of women can orgasm through fantasy alone).

Over time, you may find that certain things bring you to orgasm more easily than others. Why not experiment with them all? If you’re looking to expand your O-action to intercourse, there are plenty of ways to up your pleasure with your partner. Be sure to take note of what turns you on, and vocalize what gets your gears going with your partner. For more information, you can peruse the multitude of questions in the Orgasms archives.

Bravo! May it be the first of many to come,

Last updated Jul 15, 2015
Originally published Jan 10, 1997

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