Where to meet new people over the summer

Dear Alice,

What is the best way to meet new guys over the summer?

Dear Reader,

Summer break can provide great opportunities to branch out of your usual social circle. Not only can you meet new guys, you can also meet new gals, folx, peeps — you get the idea. In order to meet new people though, it may help to get out and get involved. Some possible ideas to spice up your summer social scene include:

  • Explore virtual opportunities: Looking into interest-based online communities can be a low-stakes way to casually connect. Discussing commonalities, hobbies, and lived experiences can help transform an online acquaintance into an in-person companion.
  • Try a sports-related activity (if you’re into it): Join a swim team, try diving lessons, horseback riding, hiking, playing softball, or cross-country running. There may also be recreational leagues available in your town. 
  • Take a class: Places such as local community colleges or community centers might offer classes in the summer that cater to a range of age groups and interests. You could take a class in scuba diving, film, photography, ceramics, guitar, cooking, gardening, or any other activity they may offer. You may try to find something that sparks your interest and that can give you the opportunity to find folx who are into similar activities.
  • Volunteer for community service: Check to see if there are there any non-profit organizations that need volunteers. You might be able to do activities such as delivering meals to homebound people, cooking at soup kitchens, helping organize childhood immunization days, or working at a day camp for children. One place to find opportunities is through Volunteer Match, which may provide a list of organizations in your area seeking volunteers. You could also reach out to a local non-profit to see if they’re looking for additional help.
  • Look for summer jobs or internships: Although some may involve some planning in advance (including applying and interviewing), it's another opportunity to meet people with similar passions and interests. You could start by looking in the jobs section of your local newspaper (online or in print form) or if you’re a student, your school’s career office for listings and resources. Consider contacting places where you’re interested in working to see if they’re hiring for summer help. You could meet some new people and earn some cash along the way!
  • RSVP with a yes: Try not to pass up an opportunity to spend time with friends or attend a summer party. Weddings, commitment ceremonies, cookouts, and other celebrations could provide chances to meet new people. You never know who you might meet!

Whatever you decide to do, you can concentrate on meeting new people, maintaining the friendships you have now, having fun, and doing what you want to do. When you’re happy and satisfied, you may appear more attractive and interesting to others. Enjoy your summer — in doing so, you might end up meeting some new folks along the way.

Last updated Aug 21, 2020
Originally published Jun 26, 1998

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