Where can I kiss?

Dear Alice,

In the Q&A for kissing, there are listed topics, such as How to kiss. But, I need a place to kiss. Can you give me some places to kiss? Thanks.

Dear Reader,

Every inch of the body — head, forehead, eyelids, nose, cheek, lips, mouth, ear, earlobe, neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, hand, finger, breast, nipple, abdomen, bellybutton, hip, buttocks, thigh, penis, clitoris, knee, calf, foot, ankle, toe — can be smooched.

For each person, there are places on the body that, when stroked, pressed, kissed, or exhaled on, enhance sexual arousal. These areas are called erogenous zones. Talk with your partner about where you both like to kiss and be kissed. Sensuously kiss different parts of one another's body to find the spots that give you and your partner magical sensations — who knows, you might even see stars!

If you're asking about places to be when you kiss, the possibilities are endless. However, some people would prefer to give or have their kisses in private because they are uncomfortable with, or do not like to show, public displays of affection — a.k.a., P.D.A. (see Asking for a kiss goodnight? in the Go Ask Alice! Sexual and Reproductive Health archive). Passionate P.D.A. can make those not participating a little uncomfortable, too. Whenever it feels right, you can give one another a small peck or big smooch during whatever you may be doing together — whether you're walking down the street, strolling along the beach, jogging in the park, savoring a meal at a café or restaurant, cuddling in a movie theater, shopping at the mall, or even hanging out at home. If you and your partner are doing some deep, passionate kissing, you may want the location to be more secluded and private.

Pucker up!

Last updated May 25, 2015
Originally published Sep 14, 2000

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