You had a question about muff diving earlier and I was wondering if just "muff" meant anything bad? And if it does, is it common knowledge that it means that? If I were to have a company called "muff wear," would that be considered bad?

Dear Reader,

Don't know exactly what you're selling, but if it's not hats or scarves to keep women's pubic hair warm, dry, and stylin', then you might want to think of some other names for your product. The slang term "muff" is widely associated by English speakers with the feminine pubic triangle. It's not necessarily a bad nickname, and can even be a term of endearment for thoughtful muff lovers. Now there are two dictionary definitions of muff: (1) to bungle or fail; and, (2) a cylindrical piece of fur or cloth open at both ends for the warming of hands. The latter may explain the origin of the slang, and the nature of your business.


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