Free backrubs at Columbia

Hello, I'm at the J-school and during our orientation someone mentioned that we can get training to give backrubs. Is this the case? Thanks

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Columbia community! Orientation is a fantastic time to learn about campus-wide initiatives. You’ll find the Stressbusters program to be particularly beneficial in your pursuits of stress management and you can learn to give backrubs, too!

It was wise of your J-school administrators to mention Stressbusters services — Stressbusters help to relieve the stress and anxiety you’re likely to encounter as a student. So, who and what is Stressbusters? It’s a team of CU students who aim to help fellow Columbians relax by delivering free neck and backrubs and promoting stress coping tips at events within the campus community. Stressbusters also provides helpful tools to reduce stress levels, such as the Stressbust Yourself Tips, a self-help guide to stress relief, and Stressbusters Links to Success, a roadmap for additional campus resources to address factors that influence student stress levels.

The majority of students involved in the Stressbusters program come to events to relax as back rub recipients during Melt Away Mondays and Wind Down Wednesdays. However, if you’re particularly interested in giving a great backrub, Alice!’s Stressbusters training consists of instructive sessions led by a licensed massage therapist and typically occurs at the beginning of each semester. After participating in the training, you’ll walk away with advanced knowledge about backrub techniques and stress. You'll also have the opportunity to earn a gift card for each hour of service you provide at future Stressbusters events!

Contact stressbusters@columbia.edu if you have more questions or check out the Stressbusters page on the Columbia Health website. You might also want to check out Stressbusters on Facebook for additional resources, information, and announcements.

Happy relaxing,

Originally published Sep 26, 2014

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