(1) Dear Alice,

I had one very sore breast for about a week. Now there is a bloody discharge every so often from my nipple, but the pain is gone. I know I should see my doctor but I wanted your opinion first.

Thanks for the help.

(2) Dear Alice,

I have very strange walking patterns:

1. Feels like I am on a trampoline.
2. Legs hurt and get very heavy as the day goes on
3. A sense of no balance. I have to literally hang on in the shower and feel like i have no control of my legs at times.
4. Also my legs are cold and my left leg has much pain. Below the knee cap on the side of the calf.
5. My ankle also is in extreme pain some of the time.

Can you help?

Dear Readers,

These are perfect examples of what could be serious and/or urgent conditions requiring immediate medical attention and treatment. Regrettably, Go Ask Alice! cannot answer every question submitted and therefore, may or may not be able to answer your particular question, particularly in time-sensitive situations. And while Go Ask Alice! can provide illuminating discussion on many important health issues, we are never able to give diagnoses or instant responses to questions.

When you:

  • Have severe or new pain
  • Notice changes on or from any part of your body
  • Feel sick
  • Become injured
  • Sense that something may be wrong

Your best course of action is to visit your health care provider as soon as possible. Check to see if your school has a campus health clinic where you can be seen. Off campus, you may visit your primary health care provider, or your local emergency or urgent care facility. When it comes to medical attention, there is no doubt you will be best serviced by in-person interactions!


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