Anal beads

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What are anal beads and how do you use them?

Dear Reader,

Time to talk about the tush! Anal beads are a toy most anyone can use, either alone or with a partner. Anal beads are a series of round balls can be connected by a piece of nylon cord or other type of strong rope-like material, with a ring or other handle at one end. Other times, they may be connected by the material of which the balls are made. Through insertion into and removal from the rectum, individuals may experience heightened sensations, stimulate pleasure, and even improve orgasms. These products are made of different materials, but the most common and safe are silicone and glass because of its non-porous nature and its ease of cleaning.

In addition to the variety of materials, anal beads also come in several types: some vibrate, have unique textures or added features on their surface, and others are versatile in that they can also be used as a butt plug. Anal beads are available in different sizes and lengths, too. Some people — especially beginners — may choose to use smaller beads at first. Others find that larger beads heighten levels of arousal and intensity. Clearly, there’s plenty of self-analyzation that can be done to figure out what kind of anal beads work best for any given person!

While there’s no one right way to use anal beads, there are a few measures that can be taken to do the duty of protecting the booty. Placing the anal beads inside a condom before use will help keep them clean and avoid transmitting bacteria. Also, applying lube internally and externally, as well as on the anal beads or condom, will assist in preventing the rectum’s thin lining from tearing and can make the insertion process easier and more comfortable. It's recommended, at least when first experimenting, to insert beads one at a time. So, even if feeling the need for speed, consider taking it slowly and noticing the sensations you experience. When done with the bead deed, it’s critical to wash them with mild soap and warm water and then let them completely dry before putting them away.

For those assigned male at birth, some users report that using the beads maximises the pleasure derived from orgasm by simultaneously stimulating the prostate. Anal beads can produce a feeling of fullness that massages the anus’ sphincters and, since the outer sphincter of the anus has many nerve endings, the sensations produced by the movement of anal beads can cause intense arousal. The inner sphincter responds to pressure that the beads, depending on their size, may create.

Different users may notice that some sensations feel better than others; some people experience pleasure during insertion, while others enjoy the sensation of the beads being pulled out when reaching orgasm as they can enhance climax. Some are able to orgasm exclusively from anal stimulation. Others, however, are more likely to orgasm when the anus and genitals are aroused simultaneously.

Remember: there’s no rule of thumb when it comes to pleasuring your bum!

Last updated Jul 27, 2018
Originally published Apr 13, 2001

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