Hey Alice, lighten up


I love the information you provide! But it seems as if things are getting a little boring? I recall that you used to be wittier, funnier, and more entertaining. And now, although you answer questions thoroughly, I feel like the Alice personality has been lost! Alice, please don't let down your loyal readers!

Dear Reader,

Thanks for being a loyal reader! Yes, it’s true that past Q&As featured on the site may have been on the lighter side, and in some cases may have added too much levity to a serious topic. As the site has evolved, the editorial team has focused on increasing access to accurate, reliable, balanced, and culturally relevant health information on a variety of issues while respecting the situations and emotions that may accompany a reader’s question. Additionally, the presence of a pun or joke doesn't add any indication about how seriously the Go Ask Alice! team took the response — each response is thoroughly researched and reviewed, regardless of whether or not it may be on the funny side. It’s certainly a balancing act, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the periodic pun!

Given the serious nature of some of the questions submitted to Go Ask Alice!, the editorial team begins to explore whether it’s appropriate to add in jokes during the initial research process. For example, if there’s a topic that generally poses little to no risk to a person’s health (as informed by the research consulted), there may be some leeway for a little levity. In fact, humor can be used as a strategy for normalizing certain questions or behaviors about a particular health topic. However, other questions asked may relate to topics that are higher risk or life threatening, which warrant a tone that is more empathetic and supportive.

All this to say, Reader, the Go Ask Alice! team firmly believes that maintaining funny bone density is, at times, just as useful as talking about serious subjects. Here’s hoping you and other fellow readers continue to appreciate the increased breadth and depth of information on the site while still finding the familiar puns, jokes, and witticisms that have kept you coming back for more.

Thanks for your thoughts,

Last updated Mar 25, 2022
Originally published Mar 29, 2002