Nude model wants to strike... erections

Dear Alice,

I am a male who experiences a lot of spontaneous erection. It's almost comical. My problem is that I model nude for art classes and have difficulty preventing or getting rid of my erection. The whole thinking about something else idea never works for me. I was wondering if you could tell me of a cream or something I could use to prevent an erection or possibly make an erection go away. I've tried the usual muscle and arthritis creams, but those don't work. I can still get an erection anyway. Is there something that numbs for a period of a few hours that I could use? I thought of using some desensitizing creams you can find at adult stores, but didn't bother trying them because I figured they're designed to help you keep your erection, not lose it. It would be very helpful if you could help me out.

Thanks, Art

Dear Art,

It sounds like you're a pretty upstanding model. Maybe the "joy" you experience while modeling stems from the pleasure you feel when others focus on your nakedness. Or as you said, your stiffness may be completely random, occurring for no rhyme or reason. Spontaneous erections are one of nature's happy mysteries, and there's no cream or pill to get rid of them. However, there are some other options to prevent an "at attention" scene while you're on the job.

As you noted, genital desensitizing creams are designed to help men maintain their erections and/or last longer before climaxing — just the thing you're trying to avoid. Muscle and arthritis creams also numb nerves but don't do anything to stop blood flow to the penis that causes your erections. These creams can also irritate and burn sensitive tissue, so here are some safer suggestions for your posing penis.  

One simple solution is to stand tall and enjoy the moment. Do the art students seem to be distracted or embarrassed by your increased stature?

Since thinking about scary movies or a sad memory doesn't seem to do the trick for you, you may want to take matters into your own hands. One idea for erection prevention you didn't mention is... masturbation. No, not while you're on the pedestal, but in private, right before you step into the spotlight. This strategy may buy you some time up there, and you could even head back to the bathroom when you start to stir again down there. While you're in the bathroom, a cold shower before work may also help to calm things down. If all else fails, maybe you could hide your surprise under a well-placed hat or sarong? Wearing brief style underwear would also hold things in place while still showing off your physique to the class.

If your erection continues to pop up without an invitation, have you considered finding another job that's better suited to your skills? For example, if you want to continue modeling, you could find a more penis-friendly studio or magazine that's into erotic art. Or, you could look into more traditional modeling gigs where the focus is on fashion, not your form.

Although they may not always be welcome, your spontaneous erections are completely normal. Who knows, this may be your body's way of signaling you to let loose and get your creative juices flowing!

Last updated Apr 29, 2015
Originally published Feb 11, 2000

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