Nipple orgasms — Are they possible?

Dear Alice,

I've heard through the grapevine that you can get an orgasm through your nipples. Is that true? If it is indeed possible, how would you go about it?

Horny Nipples

Dear Horny Nipples,

Many people see nipples and breasts as the second most erogenous area of the body next to genitalia. The nipples, in particular, are filled with nerve endings — both in women and men — making them especially tuned in to touch. Sometimes the pleasure can lead to an orgasm, but it varies quite a bit from one person to the next.

For women, the sensitivity of the nipples and breasts often changes depending on the menstrual cycle, with less sensitivity in the first two weeks, heightened sensitivity during ovulation, and lessened sensitivity during menstruation. What's more, size doesn't matter to Mother Nature: women of all breast sizes can receive pleasure from a little attention.

To get the juices flowing, try caressing, kissing, licking, sucking, massaging, or nibbling the nipples and the breasts or chest. You can also use your tongue in a flicking motion or to trace circles. Start slowly and gently, gradually increasing pressure to figure out what feels best for you or your partner. Focusing on the nipples may help some people get their jollies, but it's hardly a requirement.

When it comes to coming, keep in mind that different people like different things. Talk with your partner to figure out what's going to work for both of you. Some people really enjoy nipple and/or breast and chest play, others may feel like complete boobs, and still others may not care too much either way. Even if you or your partner can't orgasm this way, it doesn't mean you can't incorporate what you've learned here in your repertoire of love-making skills.

Last updated Mar 05, 2013
Originally published Apr 27, 2007

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