Fiancé laughs after orgasm

Dear Alice,

Can you please tell me why my fiancé laughs after he ejaculates... is it common or should I take it personally????

Dear Reader,

People express their sexuality and sexual enjoyment through an incredibly vast range of behaviors. Laughter after ejaculation falls well within the range of other idiosyncratic but common behaviors. Other expressions after climax include crying, yawning, sighing, swearing, and a hearty praising of the Lord. These behaviors are quite natural after-effects of the tension release and emotional catharsis that can come along with coming.

While not out of the range of normal, if this behavior causes you doubt or discomfort, why not try talking to your fiancé about your concern? Understanding where the laughter is coming from may set your mind at ease. If it doesn't, you could try telling him how it makes you feel. Perhaps together you can come up with a new after-ejaculation response. Open and honest communication can help solve this quandary and will likely serve you as well in a long and healthy relationship.

Last updated Apr 13, 2015
Originally published Jan 21, 2000

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