Dear Alice,

Would it be weird, or even legal, for me to ask my male family doctor to help me locate my g-spot? What are the chances he would physically feel around for it? Or would he maybe feel too uncomfortable?

Dear Reader,

Regardless of your health care provider's gender, if s/he is abiding by the American Medical Association's (AMA) Code of Medical Ethics, then a request for assistance in finding your G-spot should result in a definitive "no". This is not because the quest for that special pleasure center isn't valid — quite the contrary. Instead, your request is likely to be denied because according to the AMA, "any sexual activity that occurs in a patient-physician relationship constitutes sexual misconduct." Since having a health care provider feeling around for your G-spot could be considered sexual activity, a professional who has agreed to the AMA's Code of Ethics should refuse. They may be able to help you, however, by explaining your anatomy, perhaps showing you the approximate G-spot location on an anatomical model, and offering suggestions for how you might find it yourself.

If you're not quite comfy having this conversation with your regular health care provider, you may want to explore meeting with a sex therapist. Sex therapists are professionals trained to help people work with their specific sexual questions and issues. Keep in mind, however, that certified sex therapists are also strictly prohibited from engaging in any kind of sexual activity with a client. This means that you might run into the same problem in terms of physically locating your G-spot.

It seems like your best bet may be right at your fingertips. If you're determined to find this gratification station (as you have every reason to be), you could check out an anatomy book and go fishing for it yourself. The book The Good Vibrations Guide: The G-Spot, by Cathy Winks, has been helpful to many women and men in search of this tucked-away paradise. There are also some questions about the G-spot in the Alice archives, linked below, that might be useful to you. A final fun option might be to grab a partner you feel comfortable and safe with and have him or her help you in your quest.

Happy exploring and good luck!


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