Dear Alice,

I'm in a new relationship and would like to perform oral sex with my partner, but never have experienced my partner actually coming in my mouth. I know this sounds silly, but what does cum taste like and how much is there normally? From conversations I have had with my boyfriend, he would prefer me to "swallow." I'm just not sure I can do that, but would like to at least try, but I don't want to disappoint him by not knowing what to expect.

Dear Reader,

The quickest and most accurate way to answer your questions is by conducting a simple taste test. The next time your boyfriend ejaculates (before you let him do so in your mouth), dab his semen with your finger and give it a try. It doesn't taste like chicken, but do expect something warm and salty. Beyond that, your very own taste buds and his one-of-a-kind cocktail will combine to create a sensation uniquely yours. Quantity varies from guy to guy, and can be affected by how recently your boyfriend last came. If your chef has never sampled his own semen, ask him to pull up a chair and dig in. Alice believes it's important for partners to understand as best as possible what it is that each asks the other to do.

If his semen leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but you'd like to go back for seconds sometime, Alice's archived answers Do diet and exercise affect the taste of semen? and Girlfriend won't perform oral sex serves up some taste-enhancing tips.

Bon Appetit,


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