'Surgical solution' for small clitoris?

Dear Alice,

My partner has a small clitoris, and she doesn't reach orgasm during sexual relations. I thought of a surgical solution that could correct her anatomy. I would like to know if there is some defined technique, such as liberation of the suspensor ligament of the clitoris, or liberation of the small lips, or both simultaneously, to expose more of the clitoris.

Thankful, I await answer

Dear I await answer,

The size of a woman's clitoris (or a man's penis for that matter) is part of the normal variation among people and is unrelated to the amount of sexual pleasure or number or kind of orgasms that they experience. Because the clitoris has such a dense concentration of nerves, it is incredibly sensitive. The hood provides a necessary shield from over sensitivity and/or stimulation, which can be downright uncomfortable and even painful.

Although the head or glans of the clitoris does often protrude from underneath the hood during the early stages of sexual arousal, the suspensory ligament that you mention is actually responsible for pulling the glans back under the hood as sexual excitement peaks and orgasm approaches, again to protect the clitoris from too much sensation. Liberating the ligament, if your partner were willing and able to find someone to do this for her, would very likely cause more pain than pleasure.

It is likely that nothing is wrong with your partner if she doesn't orgasm during sexual relations. Perhaps instead of focusing on ways to "correct" your partner's anatomy, you and she could explore ways of giving and receiving pleasure. Some women do not orgasm during vaginal intercourse or penetration and may respond to oral or manual stimulation on their clitoris, even through the hood. It sounds as though your partner might be able to orgasm by herself or in ways other than sexual intercourse or vaginal penetration. If so, then brava! If she can't, she may want to practice by herself, and then she can begin to teach you how to touch her.

It's also important to remember that sex isn't all about the ending. Sometimes the partners of women put so much focus on the elusive climax, that lovemaking can start to feel similar to an orgasm expedition rather than a pleasure cruise.

Last updated May 27, 2015
Originally published Feb 07, 2003

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