Sharing drugs... through semen?

Dear Alice,

I recently performed oral sex on a guy who had been using crack cocaine. He had been using for about three days straight. When he climaxed, I swallowed his semen and about ten minutes later, I felt very dizzy and pretty much high. He probably ejaculated about two to three tablespoons worth.

Is it possible that the hardcore drugs he had been doing that week pass through his semen? If so, does this happen with every drug?

And, if so, if I were to get drug tested, would it show up?

I would appreciate any answers you can provide.

Laced Semen Swallower

Dear Laced Semen Swallower,

There are few scientific studies about the potential for mind-altering effects of swallowing semen produced by someone who's high. Can you imagine the lab scene? ... Anyway, based on limited laboratory testing, it appears that cocaine and its metabolites can be detected in semen. (This is true for some other drugs, too.) However, this amount is probably too small, even in chronic or heavy users, to produce an effect in the swallower and wouldn't be enough to cause a positive drug test.

Maybe the feelings you experienced were a placebo effect? Sometimes the power of suggestion is pretty strong — the brain can be tricky that way. Some people experience strong physical sensations when they think they've had something that might cause certain effects, even if they've only had some relatively inert substance, like sugar.

It sounds like you weren't trying to get high while you were with your partner. If you or your sexual partner(s) do use crack or other drugs before sex, it's probably good to think about how those substances might affect your or your partner's judgment. This way, you can plan ahead about how you can best protect yourselves from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy.

With regard to swallowing laced semen, if you were hoping for a free high, you're out of luck. But, at least you can head in for a drug test worry-free.

Last updated Jun 12, 2015
Originally published Jan 12, 2007

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