Sex toys for men?

Hi Alice,

Are there toys that guys can use for masturbation and how do they work?

Dear Reader,

Whether you’ve grown a little too accustomed to the touch of your own hand (hey, it happens to the best of us) or are simply curious about spicing things up during your “me time,” there are lots of sex toy options to choose from. Many sex toys on the market are designed specifically for men. Men can also use many of the  sex toys that are traditionally marketed toward women. There’s something out there for almost every guy, and with a little bit of thought and experimentation, you’re likely to find a toy that works for you.

It sounds like you’re interested exclusively in masturbation toys. However, keep in mind that many “masturbation” toys can be used during foreplay or intercourse with your partner(s). And now, without further ado, the toys:

  • Masturbation sleeves and strokers: These toys surround the penis with silicone or other rubbery material, imitating the sensations of penetrative sex. The most well-known masturbation sleeve, called the Fleshlight, is sold in various models, including those that are designed to resemble an anus, mouth, or vulva. Use a good amount of lubricant when playing with masturbation sleeves to reduce friction and increase stimulation.
  • Cock rings: Designed to hold blood in the penis, cock rings help to make an erection feel harder and slightly larger for a longer period of time. Cock rings can also be worn around the testicles to prolong pleasure and delay ejaculation. They come in various materials, such as adjustable leather and plastic, stretchy silicone, and non-adjustable metal. Some rings vibrate, adding extra stimulation to the area below the testicles (and/or the clitoris when used during vaginal intercourse).
  • Prostate massagers or stimulators: Also known as the “male g-spot,” many men experience intense pleasure from stimulation of the prostate. Some are able to orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, while others report a more intense orgasm when the prostate is involved. Butt plugs are well-known for prostate stimulation as are dildos and anal beads. One helpful piece of advice: When it comes to any type of anal play, lube is your best friend!
  • Penis pumps: Like cock rings, penis pumps trap blood in the penis to make your erection harder and slightly bigger for a longer period of time. The increase in size is short-lived, though. Eventually the penis will go back to its regular size. Basically, penis pumps work sort of like a vacuum. As air is pumped out of a cylinder placed over the penis, blood rushes and engorges the erectile tissue. Some men find the suction pleasurable.
  • Fetish toys: Cock cages, electronic stimulation toys, nipple clamps…the list goes on and on! A vast universe of fetish toys exists, and possibilities for experimentation are limitless. A well-stocked adult store will be able to help curious customers explore what kind of toys that might interest them as well as how to use these toys. Think about what you already know you like as a starting point for fetish exploration.

Sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and price ranges. Lots of people prefer buying online due to increased privacy and discretion. However, if you’re interested in seeing how a toy works in person before buying it, consider going to your local adult store to check out demo models. If you choose to examine your potential toy in person, pay attention to its size, texture, intensity of vibration, and control options. Once you’ve purchased and used your toy(s), be sure to wash them thoroughly. Gadgets made of non-porous materials, such as glass, silicone, and metal are preferable because they can be completely sterilized. Toys made of porous materials should be used with condoms. To clean your toy, follow the instructions on its packaging — most are cleaned with mild soap and water. Don’t use germicidal soaps, as they’ve been known to irritate genital tissues.

If you decide that sex toys aren’t your thing, you still have options! If you’re generally satisfied with manual masturbation and you’re simply looking for something to intensify pleasure, try out a new hand trick or add new or different types of lubricant into the mix. Toys aren’t necessary for experimentation, so if none of these toys strike your fancy, you can still explore various masturbation techniques. Happy experimenting!

Originally published Oct 11, 2013

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