Save own cum?

Dear Alice,

I have found no better lubricant for masturbation than my own pre-cum. Problem is, I have plenty of it sometimes, and not nearly enough at other times (usually when I have to do it in a hurry). I would like to store some up to use for those dry times by "milking" the stuff into a small glass vial or something. However, I wonder about whether it would "spoil" or start growing bacteria, etc. If so, would that matter, since I would be using it externally on my own penis? Any ideas on how best to store it?


Dear Stroker,

It's always better when it's wetter! As far as the research goes, there are no scientific studies on the preservation of pre-cum for masturbation lubrication. However, bacteria does live on the human skin and in the air at all times. Because of pre-cum's exposure to skin and air, it would be an ideal medium for bacteria to proliferate if stored in a container over time. This bacteria could then be transferred to your penis (or more specifically, openings in the head such as the urethra) during masturbation, potentially causing a urinary tract or urethral infection. Instead, why don't you splurge and try a consumer water-based lube? Greasing the wheels with a touch of this stuff will leave your engines roaring. And you may be happy to know that "a little dab'll do ya good" — that is, you won't need much to do the trick!

Last updated Jul 08, 2015
Originally published Oct 20, 1995

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