Produce more cum?

Dear Alice,

My GF enjoys having my ejaculate on her (having me cum on her) and I was wondering if there was any way to increase the amount of ejaculate my body produces? I know I shouldn't compare myself to Porn stars, but they seem to ejaculate a lot.

— Cum Doctor

Dear Cum Doctor,

Ejaculate (also called semen or more casually, cum) is made up of different products from the internal reproductive system of those assigned male at birth. While many people associate the number of sperm with the amount of ejaculate, sperm only make up about five percent of cum! Aside from the testes’ contribution of sperm, semen also has enzymes and zinc from the prostate, alkaline fluid (serving as pre-ejaculate) from the bulbourethral and urethral glands, and amino acids, proteins, sugars, and vitamin C from the seminal vesicle. This slurry of organic compounds from the seminal vesicles is actually what makes up the bulk of ejaculate. With that being said, there isn’t a magical remedy to increase the amount produced — waiting longer between ejaculations and hydration may be your best bets to increase ejaculate volume. However, by setting realistic expectations and keeping an open mind to adding to your sexual repertoire, you may find new ways to excite your girlfriend!

How much would you guess is the average amount of ejaculate? Everyone’s body is different. The World Health Organization estimates that the amount of ejaculate ranges from 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 milliliters, with the average amount falling between three milliliters and five milliliters (the latter of which is equal to one teaspoon). Therefore, some people just naturally produce more semen than others. A semen analysis performed by a health care provider can tell you more about your own semen.

With that in mind, there’s no scientific evidence or clinical research that supports the claim that pills or any other products marketed towards increased semen production work. There is some evidence to suggest that staying hydrated and taking two to three days between ejaculations may result in more volume. However, taking more than three days hasn’t been shown to increase semen volume any further. Keep in mind that an increase in semen production isn’t an indication of an increase in sperm production or sperm density.

Cum Doctor, as you mention, it’s easy to compare yourself to what you see on your computer or smartphone screen, but it’s worth noting that pornography in general isn’t an accurate benchmark of sex, including typical semen production. Not only are porn actors recruited due to certain body shapes and the appearance of certain body parts, but they also have the advantage of many takes, flattering lighting, different camera angles (including close-ups that can make ejaculation look like a fountain rather than a squirt), and a team of hair and makeup artists. All professionally produced porn also has extensive editing, so keep that in mind when you find yourself comparing your body’s real mechanisms to that of any screen-primed porn stars you may enjoy watching.

If semen volume is out of your control, there may be other ways for you to increase satisfaction and intimacy with your partner. You could explore some other activities that excite you both. If you're not sure where to start, you can check out Sexy role-plays, Spice up sex life?, and Intimate ways to ask partner to make love as a way to get started. If you’re concerned about your sex life or your ability to be intimate with your partner, speaking to a licensed sex therapist can be beneficial if you feel the need to do so. This type of therapy doesn’t involve sexual relations with a provider, but does provide short-term counseling for the client to work through their concerns.

No matter the approach you take, here’s to hoping good sex continues to “cum” your way!

Last updated Jul 13, 2018
Originally published Oct 05, 1995

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