The few times I have tried anal sex, i get a horrible case of the farts afterwards lasting hours. I do not have the ability to hold it and it's very embarassing. Is there anything i can do ahead of time or after to stop this?? Thanks

Dear Reader,

During anal sex, the anus, sphincter, and rectum are stretched, and air may be introduced from the movements. After a penis, dildo, or something else has been removed, the air inside has to go somewhere, for your body to return to its unexpanded state. The air that no longer fits needs to be expelled — hence, farts!

Your post-anal sex flatulence could also be related to your sphincter, the muscles that control the anus's opening. During anal sex, the sphincter muscles loosen, allowing for penetration. Any gas you have afterwards flows more freely as your sphincter may not be tight enough at that moment to control the farts.

Doing Kegel exercises strengthens your pelvic muscle tone, including your anal sphincter. Kegeling can also help your pelvic muscles relax before anal sex, as well as maintain your anal sphincter muscles' elasticity.

Gas is also caused by increased intake of air and production of gas in the digestive system. Rapid drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco products, sucking on hard candy, drinking carbonated beverages, or hyperventilating are ways that more air can enter the digestive tract. Gas is produced in the digestive system during the breakdown of certain foods. Some gas will be absorbed, but much will pass through to the rectum. Foods linked to an increase in gas production include beans, potatoes, corn, wheat, onions (which contain fructose, the same sugar found in many fruits, gum, candies, and soft drinks), dark beer, and red wine. Soluble fibers, which aren't broken down until they enter the large intestine, produce more gas than insoluble fibers, which break down in the small intestine. Sugars such as sorbitol, naturally found in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes, can cause gas to form, as well. Sorbitol, similar to fructose, is often used as a sweetener in gum and candies, too. Many people who are lactose intolerant can experience increased gas after accidentally or intentionally consuming dairy products. Laying off any of these products the day you plan on having anal sex can decrease the chance of farting afterwards.

The longer it takes for food particles to pass through your colon, the longer it takes for them to decompose and release gasses. This constipation can be caused by certain foods, such as rice and dairy products, mental and physical stress, and increased anal tension. If you are overly stressed or tense before or during anal sex, constipation may result. Concentrate on relaxing — meditate or take deep, slow, open-mouthed breaths. A hot shower or bath before might help calm your mind and body (and sphincter) as you prepare for an anal sex session. Enemas are not recommended before anal sex because they can irritate the colon, increasing the risk of HIV transmission. Chronic enema use can also cause constipation, increasing the amount of gas a person may develop.

Lastly, use plenty of water-based lubricant.


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