Dear Alice,

I was born with thick and coarse hair. It all sticks up when it is short. I lose confidence when I notice that people always look at my hair. Is there any way I can make them softer? Will medication help?

Your advice is much appreciated!



Dear Kelvin,

A good haircut by a stylist or barber, who can work with your hair instead of against it, can provide a lot of insight into hair do's and don'ts. S/he can also tell you what types of products might give your hair new direction. Perhaps you can also ask a sibling or cousin about the hair care helpers that work for them — you could even borrow some of their products and experiment. You can also check the drugstore for the various products available for hard to manage hair, including mousses, gels, sprays, frizz-minimizers, and more.

While the above advice may leave you with a shiny new do, there is one more issue here: your confidence! If you're having a bad hair day, try to think about celebrating your uniqueness, rather than comparing your do to all the others bobbing down the block. Strut your stuff, no matter what direction your hair is feeling. Remember, some heads of hair require big bucks and hours in front of the mirror to maintain, while others aren't even comparable because the hair type is completely different from yours. That doesn't even include all the wigs and hairpieces out there!

Plus, you never know — people might even look at your hair and be jealous of how full-bodied it is. Spike hairstyles are also sharp (no pun intended) and offer a great look. Your hair has personality. The challenge is making it work for you!


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