Ejaculates during exams

Dear Alice,

I have a problem that is really uncomfortable for me to deal with, but I'm embarrassed to ask anyone if they have had the same experience. Whenever I take an exam, I sometimes ejaculate in my underwear. I think it may be some sort of stress reaction. Once it's over, I feel very calm and can continue on. Is something wrong, and how common is this? What should I do?

Dear Reader,

As long as you're not disturbing your fellow test-takers with moans of joy, your midterm emissions don't necessarily need to be a cause for alarm where your physical health is concerned. Your discomfort with these ejaculations is certainly understandable, but know that it's unlikely that anything is medically wrong with you.

Spontaneous ejaculations without physical stimulation pop up from time to time. For example, dreams, some anti-depressants, and withdrawal from heroin and other opiates can produce spontaneous ejaculation — often without the pleasurable sensations that usually come with orgasm. Other men link their spontaneous ejacs with a build up of stress and tension. Interestingly, women describe spontaneous orgasms when nervousness, stress, and tension are at high levels. Our bodies, via the sympathetic nervous system, work to relax us. In your case, ejaculating may be one of your brain and bod's calming methods.

If semen seeping through your underwear onto your pants is a concern, you could wear two pairs of briefs, a cup, or even a condom, and/or a long top for extra coverage. Masturbating once or twice shortly before your exams may get the ejaculate and the tension out of your system. The challenge here may be finding a place to prep for your tests in private.

Relaxation techniques may also work, with added bonuses of improved concentration and perhaps higher test scores. Deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and meditation can clear your mind and calm you down in the face of stress-producing events. The related Q&As will explain how to do these techniques.

If you feel you get over-stressed by exams, you might try to figure out the cause of this tension. Is it that you don't feel prepared, have trouble taking tests, have many pressures on you to do well, and/or all of these normal reactions to these measures of your knowledge? Maybe a teacher or professor, counselor at school, or a relative could help you with your test trauma — large or small. There are also programs, tutors, therapists, and teachers who can help you specifically with test taking strategies and taming of test taking anxieties. By the way, you don't have to provide them with the intimate details of your discharge. And, since you don't ejaculate during every test, you might try to figure out if there is something different about these exams versus the ones accompanied by cum.

In addition, a health care provider with whom you feel comfortable — either now or in the future — could likely shed some light on what your body is doing, why it's doing it, and what else you might do to get through all tests ejaculation-free.

Last updated Mar 19, 2015
Originally published Apr 25, 2003