In recent years, I have developed a slightly large penis. It isn't huge, only about 7.5 inches hard. The problem is that when limp, it is noticeable through my pants. Sometimes, I am accused of having erections when I do not have them and it is embarrassing when that happens. Also, it happens at places where that is very unacceptable, like family functions and work. Wearing briefs isn't an option because they are constrictive. If I wear baggy pants(which isn't really my style), that helps a little, but then I really do get erections too easily since there isn't anything putting up any resistance. What I really need to know is if there is a comfortable way to hide it that I have not thought of.

P.S.: Please nothing involving tape. It pulls off hairs when I take it off, but it does seem to hide it well when it's taped to my leg.

Dear Reader,

Hmmm. Since it doesn't sound like you're standing in the lunch line or sitting there at Uncle Fred's funeral actively fondling yourself, maybe those fixated on your crotch should be the embarrassed ones. Let's remember that erections are completely normal happenings that pop up even when unprovoked by direct physical, visual, or mental stimulation. Being accused of sporting a hard-on is like being made fun of for sneezing, but the latter probably doesn't happen very often. Why not? Well, one might deduct that the perception of an erection, or anything having to do with the ol' penis, is something that makes people uncomfortable, nervous, jealous, or even intrigued. Pointing at your pants could be their way of dealing with this discomfort. Penises, clitorises, nipples, etc. — aroused or not — aren't bad, and don't make their owners sex-crazed perverts. Feeling like you have to hide them, and having the finger of shame pointed at you as you've described, can certainly lead you to think that there's something bad about all this stuff — and, this would be a shame.

Analysis aside, it's totally understandable that you want to figure out how to do away with all this attention... now! So, let's start by looking at your briefs again for a moment. Have you tried different brands in different styles and sizes? Maybe you'll come up with something less confining that'll keep your penis a little closer to home. What about wearing shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. that cover you below the belt when sitting and standing? Or, in line with your tape experiment, would a clean, cloth sweatband do the trick? You could even consider visiting a tailor to discuss how to wear pants that accommodate your penis, and everything else.

In time, and with more confidence that you have nothing to hide, you could just decide to hold your heads high and let the looks and comments fall where they may.


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