Ben Wa balls do what?


I saw Ben Wa balls in a sex store and it says they improve sexual pleasure by improving vaginal tone and can even be worn during sex — is this true? Do they work and are they pleasurable?

Dear Reader,

Ben Wa Balls, also known as Love Balls, Orgasm Balls, and Smart Balls, come in a variety of sizes and materials. Some are metal and naturally weighted while others are plastic with metal ball bearings inside. Some come attached with a silicone or nylon cord for easy removal. Given their size and bright or metallic coloring, Ben Wa balls would not look out of place in the cat toy aisle of a pet store.

Opinions about these little balls vary considerably. Degree of enjoyment may be depend upon such factors as the size of the balls, the strength of ones vaginal muscles, and whether not the wearer happens to be riding a motorcycle. Some claim that Ben Wa balls create about as much sensation as a tampon, but even so, they have fantasy value for many people, increasing their pleasure-inducing effects. They are rumored to have two main functions: strengthening the kegels (thus intensifying sexual pleasure and orgasm) and providing sexual stimulation themselves. Remember to wash them with soap and water before inserting them, especially the silicone or latex varieties

Tips for Ben Wa exercise:

  • Insert balls, then go for a walk.
  • Practice holding them in for 15 minutes a day, increasing the number of minutes as muscles strengthen.
  • "Tug of war" — hold them in with vaginal muscles while pulling on the cord for greater resistance.
  • Get a grip on them at home before using them in public, so as not to have them slip out during class or at work.
  • It may be beneficial to start with plastic or silicone and then move up to metal, as smooth metal will be harder to hold in (kind of like increasing weights at the gym).

Tips for Ben Wa pleasure:

  • Wear during penetrative intercourse — they may increase pleasure for penetratee and penetrator alike.
  • Wear while using a vibrator (vibrator can be inserted into the vagina with the balls or used on the clitoris and around the vulva).
  • Use in conjunction with anal stimulation (however do not use Ben Wa balls anally — they can easily slip far into the colon). Use an anal-safe toy such as anal beads or a butt plug, fingers, or penis while holding in Ben Wa Balls vaginally.
  • Wear while riding the bus, a horse, a motorcycle, or one of those coin-operated massage chairs.

Do they really work or is it all hype? The jury's still out. But worst-case scenario, if they don't turn out to be loads of fun or a good source of vaginal vigor, the cat will likely get a big kick out of them (just be sure to wash them before passing them along).

Happy toy shopping,

Last updated Mar 25, 2015
Originally published Mar 19, 2010

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