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Nov 16, 2018

Trapped in a trip

Dear Alice,

I have heard that people can become trapped in their own world of hallucinations permanently from taking 'shrooms, acid, or other hallucinogens and have to live in a mental health facility because they are so out of touch with reality. I'm wondering is this true? And if so what is this medical condition called? I've heard of Hppd, but what I have read about it, it doesn't sound exactly the same. I'm also curious what the likelihood of this happening would be and if it is dependent on the use of many drugs, dosage, or the user's mental state or other preexisting health conditions that could affect this. I'm really hoping you can answer this question because I haven't found any reliable sources about this topic.

Thanks so much!

Trying psychedelics

Dear Alice,

I have two concerns:

My boyfriend claims psychedelics open your mind to new ideas/perspectives and help you experience the "spiritual world." I maintain that anything you see or think is just a result from a brain overloaded on chemicals. However, I am beginning to feel closed-minded, and I would like to have your opinion on psychedelics — are they beneficial if used for a one-time experience, and will they immediately/permanently alter the way I view the world and myself? Given that I have doubts, should I even try anything this mind-altering? I have read your answers pertaining to short-/long-term effects, but I wanted to know if there was any actual evidence of the beneficial effects.

— Psychedelically concerned

LSD: Nirvana or burnt out?

Dear Alice,

I've recently dropped acid about 5 times a week for oh... about 3 months now. I have grown mentally and spiritually in ways unimaginable. But friends tell me I am in a false reality now; this brings me off my trip although I now only trip mentally (without the drug). In your opinion, has acid hurt me or helped bring my level of consciousness to a higher level? Am I reaching a state of Nirvana or am I simply a burn out? Please answer this question... I haven't the gall to ask anyone else.


LSD and birth control pills

Dear Alice,

Does acid (LSD) have a detrimental affect on women who use the birth control pill? Is it possible for a woman to be impregnated by pre-ejaculatory fluids four days after the menstrual cycle after unprotected sex?

— Wondering

Bad trips with LSD, 'shrooms, and hash

Dear Alice,

I am writing to you regarding drugs. I have always enjoyed dropping hits of LSD, liquid or tabs (never the junky stuff with plenty of strich in it that's here in New York. I always get it sent to me from northern California — Berkeley or Santa Cruz). I've never been a big 'shroomer though. A couple of months ago I did some 'shrooms with my boyfriend at our apartment and had a really bad trip — my first ever — and it was tres scary: I lost completely my sense of reality and felt at once like I was just a part of someone's dream and that when they woke up, I would die into nothingness, then I reverted back into a childlike state, and even though I was a happy child, I still had no grasp on reality. I didn't trip for a couple of months and then a few weeks ago, I was with two of my girlfriends and we made some hash brownies — I had another awful trip, and even though it was more physically sickening, I still had terrible thoughts while I was tripping.... For many months, I have been having a rough time with my boyfriend, whom I live with. Could this be affecting my trips? We also used about half an ounce of hash in three small brownies, and I had more 'shrooms than my boyfriend did. Could the quantity be affecting me adversely?? All of my friends have told me that one of the reasons I must enjoy tripping so much lies in that I am a strong person and don't lose myself when I trip like some people do. I just have fun and usually get horny... Does being a strong person have anything to do with it? I am trying to figure out why I'm having bad trips. What am I overlooking, and will I be able to have happy trails again? What do I need to be doing?? (And, please don't say I should go into rehab....) Thanx.

Dazed and Confused