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Sep 15, 2017

Meal planning for people with diabetes

Dear Alice,

My brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I was wondering where I could get a copy of a good diabetic diet so I can fix good nutritious food for him when he comes to my house, which is often. I should probably go on this diet, too, since I am overweight, too. Can you help me?

— Not Too Skinny Minnie

Honey or sugar: Which is healthier?

Dear Alice,

I have heard that some sugars, such as those in honey, are more healthful than others. What sugars are in honey? What are the other kinds of sugar? Can any "unmediated" pure sugar be healthful?


Sweet tooth

Why do people find fatty or sugary foods comforting?

Dear Alice,

Why do people find fatty or sugary foods comforting? I mean, what is it in these types of foods that causes the body / mind to see this type of food as comforting or pleasurable? Surely from the point of view of the body, it prefers foods that are high in nutrients — so why do people who turn to food for comfort always turn to fatty or sugary foods that don't offer the body anything? just wondering??? and I hope that made sense because I'm sorry it's quite badly worded!

Diet soda and insulin spikes

Dear Alice,

I have heard that the main reason why diet drinks, like a diet soda, can be bad on a diet, is that it can spike insulin levels and then your body expects sugar that it does not get. I have taken to the habit of only occasionally having diet drinks with meals, so that any increase in insulin is actually met with food in my system. My question is whether or not this is a good/workable strategy, or whether a diet soda is a diet soda no matter when you drink it and is therefore always a bad idea. Thank you for your time.