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Jun 21, 2019

Does pot impair long-term learning?

Dear Alice,

I typically don't smoke that much weed, especially during the school year. Last year, for instance, I smoked maybe once a month. This summer, though, my friends and I have all hit the bong pretty hard. I'm worried such frequency over a few months could impair my long-term capacity for learning. Is there any salt to this concern?

Smokin' too much

Moderate marijuana use and health effects?

Dear Alice,

Just how dangerous is light to moderate use of marijuana (one joint per week)? I have heard that it is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco use. Also, its metabolites are stored in fatty tissues, but do they cause any harm?


Smoking marijuana for essential tremor disorder?

Dear Alice,

A friend of mine has an essential tremor disorder. She smokes weed almost everyday because she said it helps her to stop shaking. She tried all kind of medicines doctors have prescribed her, and botox and acupuncture. None of them helped her. Any advice?

— very concerned about my friend