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Oct 19, 2018

What are the differences among birth control pills?

Dear Alice,

What are the differences in birth control pills? I switched from Ortho-Tri cyclen to Alesse after asking my doctor for a lighter dose of estrogen, but have been told by friends that Nordette has the least amount and is the most effective. With all the news of hormones negatively affecting women's health, I'm very concerned.

Lost a birth control pill — What to do?


If I lost a birth control pill down the sink and I just resumed with the next day's pill right away, although I will be missing one pill at the end of my 28 day cycle, is that OK? Can I just do an eight day placebo week, instead of seven, and then start my next pack like normal? Or should I start the next pack one day early? Or what?

HELP! I'm confused....

Menstruation after stopping birth control pills

1) Dear Alice,
My period is irregular and I was told by a doctor to take a pill for 3 months to regulate my menstruation. I am done taking the pill and waiting for my period to get back. Is there a chance that my period may delay after I quit taking the pill? When will it get back?

2) Dear Alice,
You are wonderful! I feel really good having you out there for me and the rest of the Columbia community. My question is short and sweet: having recently broken up with my boyfriend, I decided I wanted to try life without the pill and so I stopped. Now it has been one month and I should have gotten my period on Friday or Saturday (it is Tuesday), but I still don't feel it coming. Is everything okay? How long until my period will be regular again?
— M.