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Dec 21, 2018

My ear is bleeding!


I need help. What do I do if I feel like I have an ear ache, only it's bleeding and clear stuff is coming out of it?

Help for urinary incontinence (leakage)

Dear Alice,

I have an embarrassing problem that has always held me from going to a doctor. I do not know if it's called incontinence. When I'm out of the rest room, I always find a few drops of urine being discharged later in my dress. This usually occurs when I bend down, or when I sneeze, or sometimes even due to a jerk. I have tried to prevent this many a time by remaining in the comfort room for invariably a long time trying to make sure that I'm done fully, but in vain.

Being a Muslim, I always find it very difficult to offer my prayers due to this. I'm suffering from this problem for a long time. Would you please advise if there is any cure for this? Can some pills treat this or an operation is a must?

Awaiting your prompt response. Thanks & regards.

Toenail fungus

Dear Alice,

I think I might have a toenail fungus infection (onychomycosis). Should I purchase over-the-counter medication and try to remedy the situation on my own, or should I go directly to a podiatrist to evaluate this problem? I do have an excellent insurance and prescription policy!

In the know about nose-blowing

1) Dear Alice,

You know when you get a cold and you have to blow your nose a lot and it gets all sore from rubbing it over and over again with a Kleenex? Do you know of any kind of cream or something that you can put on your nose to help soothe the soreness caused by frequent nose blowing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Red Nose

2) Dear Alice,

I am a 16 year old girl who isn't very good at blowing her nose. I can blow the air down hard enough, but nobody has ever taught me a good technique for a proper clear-out. What is the best way to hold your nose in the tissue to get a really good nose-blow? How would you recommend I try to blow my nose?