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Oct 02, 2020

Male breast cancer

1) Dear Alice,

Are there any differences in breast cancer between men and women?

— Gender sensitive

2) Dear Alice,

I feel that I might have male breast cancer. But I don't know how this is possible. I am young, younger than 18. And I would like to know how male breast cancer is contracted. Plus if I do, I'm afraid of telling my parents. What should I do?

Effects of breast cancer on having children

Dear Alice,

My wife is 30 years old. Her doctor found a lump in her breast; they are in the process of having it tested. What we (her and I) want to know is, depending on if it is cancer, since she has not had children yet, how will this affect having children and what can we expect to happen? What effect will the treatments have on her, when she does have children, or should she never try to have children after treatment?