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Jan 05, 2018

Why do we yawn?

(1) Hello Alice,

I have a bet with someone on the correct meaning of a YAWN. I think it is because we yawn as our bodies aren't getting enough oxygen. He claims it is specifically from being tired? What is the correct meaning please and thanks?

(2) Alice,

What is the purpose of a yawn?


Dear Alice,

Are there any benefits to melatonin, and are there known negative side-effects?

Difficulty sleeping double in a twin bed

Dear Alice,

It is difficult for me to fall asleep when my boyfriend stays the night. I don't have any problem with sharing my bed; we just have a hard time finding a sleeping position that we can both be comfortable in. I was almost able to fall asleep spooning, but having his arm under me for a long time got uncomfortable. I thought maybe we should try minimizing bodily contact, but I have a tiny little twin bed (I'm in a dorm) and that kind of defeats the purpose of falling asleep with him anyway. Any time he stays over, I have to take a huge nap the next day to catch up on my sleep. Any suggestions?

— Sleepless