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Dec 15, 2017

Family feuds over furnace

Dear Alice,

Please help a family dispute. What is the optimal temperature to keep the furnace at during the day and night during the winter months, and can keeping the temperature too high result in increased illness?


Heating blanket safety

Dear Alice,

I've heard all sorts of bad things about the use of electric heating blankets. I've become quite fond of mine and would like to know if in fact there are any health related concerns I should be aware of.


— Snug as a bug

Microwave safety

Dear Alice,

We have a five-month-old baby, and we are concerned we have been using the microwave too much to warm his milk bottles and baby food. Is there any danger in this?

— Radiating

Infrared heat lamps

Dear Alice,

What are the benefits, risks, hazards of those infrared heat lights various companies sell? Thanks.

— Reddened

Spice up sex life?

Dear Alice,

My boyfriend and I have been dating off and on for two years. We have been having sex for about a year now. The problem is I want to spice up our sex life, but I don't have any imagination. He says he's willing to try anything but he won't give ideas. We've done it in different positions, used sex toys but I can't think of anything fun to try. Please help, give me some suggestions.