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Aug 09, 2019

Pubic hairdressers

Hi Alice,

I am a man that shaves his testicles and trims the rest of his pubic hair fairly short. I have looked everywhere and cannot find an answer to my question. Since this is a rather tedious chore, I was wondering if there are any barbers that specialize or who on the side cut pubic hair. I would rather pay to have someone do it every few weeks. Thank You.

Doctor visit delayed by shaved pubic hair

Hi Alice,

I recently shaved the lower part of my pubic hair. I am a female. My husband and I both like the results, but I am a bit self-conscious about going to the doctor for a pap smear. Do you have any info on the prevalence of this practice and the response to it by doctors?

Please let me know. I have delayed scheduling a much needed pap smear for fear of embarrassment.

Thanks, Curious

Curious about hair removal methods

Dear Alice,

What exactly does a depilatory cream or spray do? How does it work? Does hair grow back thicker and faster than before, like with shaving? For that matter, if you trim hair with a pair of scissors, does that also make it grow back thicker and faster? How about plucking with tweezers?

— Hairy and Curious

Hairless models: What's their secret?

Hey Alice,

How is it that all the guys I see in magazines and on TV have these perfectly hairless bodies? Most of us are not born with a smooth back, legs, and butt. What is it they use?

Hairy and curious

How does hair removal affect my mole?

Dear Alice,

Is it dangerous to wax or use a chemical depliatory such as Nair on areas of the skin that have moles? I've seen warnings on some labels regarding this. What could happen to the moles?