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Apr 17, 2020

What's a "natural" flavor?

Dear Alice,

When reading the labels of food containers, it will often list "natural flavors" as an ingredient. My question is what exactly is a "natural flavor"? Wouldn't the product already have that flavor if it's natural?


Puzzled Foodie

Will living in New York City make my asthma worse?


I desperately want to attend school in NYC, but have one reservation. I'm asthmatic and I'm afraid that my asthma will be worse in a big city. I traveled to NYC for a week this summer and was fine, but have heard it could be worse in the winter. Can you advise me? I so don't want to let my asthma limit my dream of going to school in NYC.

Geese feces health risks?

Dear Alice,

I have been frequently going to a public beach that is infested with Canada geese poop. It is everywhere! There are a lot of children and families also at this beach. I am wondering what the health risks are to children as well as to adults sitting and playing in this feces?