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May 15, 2020

Can I drink alcohol after vaccination?

Dear Alice,

I REALLY could use your help to help me prove that my school's health center is giving out false information to its students. Recently, a friend received the meningitis vaccine. She then called the health center and asked if it would be harmful to drink alcohol after getting the shot. The nurse said, "Yes, yes, don't drink!!" My roommate and I are nursing students; we checked in drug guides, went to governmental websites, everything. Not once does it say it's contraindicated, but it never explicitly states it's ok to drink and receive the vaccine. Personally, because of the very nature of vaccines (attenuated virus) rather than a med., I don't see how it's possible... BUT, can you find out for sure? This is important because it really bothers me that nurses would intentionally give out false info. just because they don't want students to drink in general.

Nursing Girl