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Dec 06, 2019

Ooh, baby, I like it raw (or, is a raw diet healthy?)

Dear Alice,

I have been hearing a lot about the "raw diet," a diet in which you only eat raw vegetables, fruit and sprouts, and drink only purified water. The people who eat this way claim that they have more energy, feel better, and look better. I would like to try this diet... but I don't know if it is completely safe and healthy. What do you think?


Is the South Beach diet for me?


What is good and bad about the South Beach Diet? What group of people does it work best for? What does it consist of? Would you advise someone to use the diet?

Diet soda versus water for a workout: And the winner is...

Dear Alice,

I know that when working out or doing physical activity, you should drink a fair amount of water. I drink a lot of diet soda (used to drink a lot of regular soda), as much as two liters plus in a day. Is diet soda an okay replacement for water? If not, why?


The Zone Diet

Dear Alice,

There is a diet going around called the "Zone Diet." This diet seems to make a lot of sense. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on it.

Zone Me In