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Nov 13, 2020

Skin picking — Do I have a disorder?

Hi Alice,

I have serious problem with picking my face. I'm not proud of it and I want to know the reasons behind it. Sometimes, it's not so bad. Other times, I will sit on the bathroom sink and just pick at blackheads or whatever that I can find and I won't stop for almost a hour. I even catch myself doing it at dinner parties or a friend's house when I take a bathroom break. Do I have a disorder? Or am I just crazy? Please help me out. Thanks.

Petroleum jelly skin care products — safe?

Dear Alice,

How and what does the human body do with the petroleum based skin products we apply to our bodies on a daily basis? I'm sure a lot of these products are absorbed through the skin. What does the human body do with them? Can it break them down? Do they just flush through our systems? What happens after they are absorbed? What are the long-term effects of using these products? What are the health risks?

Clothes to protect skin from the sun

Hello, Alice!

As the summer is soon to arrive, I was wondering what type of clothing should I wear to protect myself from the sun? Also, what color works best, light or black? I seem to be getting conflicting answers on the Internet. I am a fair skinned male. Thanks for your help!

Can skin become dependent on moisturizers?

Dear Alice,

Is it possible to become dependent on moisturizers?

I suffer from dry skin and each Winter go through about half a gallon of moisturizer all over my body by Spring time. It's starting to feel like my skin is getting dependent on the moisturizers, meaning that it always feels like I need them, even if it is a humid season. It's like the skin gave up on circulating its own moisture because it is expecting it from moisturizing cream. Is this just my imagination? Or should I back off on the moisturization?

— Dried Up