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Nov 18, 2011

Do I have a cold or the flu?

Hi Alice,

I've been wicked sick all week with a really bad runny nose, face pain, cough and now my right ear is hurting. I can't think!! And I am trying to study for exams!!!

My mom told me I have the flu and should go to a doctor to get medicine to treat it. But I think it's just a wicked bad cold. Can you tell me the difference?

Faucet Nose

Cold won't go away

Dear Alice,

I have been under quite a bit of stress lately and cannot seem to shake a cough and swollen gland. Every time I start to feel better, it starts all over again. Also, I hate to admit this, but I smoke. Do you think the stress has anything to do with the long period of time I seem to have had this "cold"? It's been going on about two months.

Cold pill coma (DXM)

Dear Alice,

I had a recent near death experience on a cough and cold remedy pill called Coricidin. Friends and I used it as a quick trip. I know people that have had their eyeballs bleed out and go into comas from tripping off this pill, and I also about died. I have found stuff on the net about this and its dangers. It's called the "poor man's ecstasy" and it's a dangerous medication to have on the shelves. If they know it's that dangerous, then why do they keep selling it? I am worried about the lives of many young teens like myself that are going to die or end up in a coma.

Wet head: Can going out with one make you sick?

Dear Alice,

Do you increase your risk of becoming ill by going outside into the cold with a wet head? This would seem like an old wives' tale... how could the cold weather make you ill? The only "logic" I can see is that this would lower your body temperature (from the water evaporating off your head) and this would lower your resistance to infection.

— Cold and wet

Airborne: Does it cure or prevent colds?

Hey Alice!

How's it going? Well, it is the winter season here in New York City and with the bacteria generated in the subways I am in constant fear of catching a cold. Does that stuff Airborne work? I know it was created by a teacher but does that mean it works? Well, I really need this response, it's on sale at the local pharmacy. Thanks!

Much love,
To sneeze or not to sneeze?