What's this all about?

In celebration of a quarter-century's worth of health-related questions, responses, and wonderful readers like you, the 25 Years of Questionable Behavior campaign aims to recognize the history of Go Ask Alice! as a resource to inform decisions about health and well-being — and have just a little bit of fun while doing it. Special features of this campaign include: big ol' milestones, interesting inquiries (aren't they all interesting?), tons of trends from days of yore, and more. You can check back regularly for more goodies and there'll be even more posted on social media (search for #25yearsofgoaskalice).

Hope you enjoy taking a ride on this memory lane train and learning along the way! 

What questions were asked on Go Ask Alice! in the year....

2004: Curious about an object shaped like a phallus, this reader decided to Go Ask Alice! Check out this 2004 question: History of dildos

2000: There's a chill in the air and a flash of goose flesh takes over... but why? This reader wanted to know: Why do you shiver? What causes goosebumps?

1994: This one is a highlight dedicated to all fellow New Yorkers out there. This reader asked: How bad is the water here in New York City?

Quivering in anticipation for more inquiries? Check back later for another featured question submission from 2009.

What was Go Ask Alice! up to in the year...

2004: The Glow Up. The Go Ask Alice! website got a whole new look

2000: No need to check back weekly with Alice!; Alice! will email you. The Get Alice! in your Inbox newsletter was created so that dedicated readers could get the new and updated content they craved straight to their email. Inbox feeling empty? Subscribe today!

1994: Go Ask Alice! made it's World Wide Web debut! A resource that was only available to Columbia University students in 1993 was then made available to all those with access to the Internet. And with that, the asking continued....