I love the information you provide! But it seems as if things are getting a little boring? I recall that you used to be wittier, funnier, and more entertaining. And now, although you answer questions thoroughly, I feel like the Alice personality has been lost! Alice, please don't let down your loyal readers!

Dear Reader,

Yes, it's true that in the past the content of the Q&As featured on the site may have been more lighthearted than substantial, but the occasional guffaws are certainly not gone altogether.

As the site has grown and matured over the years, the main goal has been to increase access to accurate, reliable, balanced, and culturally relevant health information on a variety of issues while respecting the situation(s) and emotion(s) that may accompany a reader’s question. Sometimes there can be humor in the responses, and in others, the health issue at hand is no laughing matter. It’s a balancing act that the editorial team of the site takes seriously and it’s fair to say that there’s no exact science to it.

That said, clues as to whether it’s appropriate to pursue puns or hike up the hilarity are often found during the initial research process. For instance, when helping readers better understand issues that appear to generally pose little or no risk to a person’s health (as informed by the research consulted), a little added levity from the writer may be warranted. In other words, there are some responses in which humor may be used as a tool to normalize or reduce anxiety around a particular health-related curiosity or concern. For example, a Q&A from the archives about going to the bathroom, which is something that everyone does to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system, opens with a joke: "What do your poo and your love for your boo have in common? It's best to not hold it in!"

All in all, the Go Ask Alice! team firmly believes that maintaining funny bone density is, at times, just as useful as talking about serious subjects. Here’s hoping you and other fellow readers continue to appreciate the increased breadth and depth of information on the site while still finding the familiar puns, jokes, and witticisms that have kept you coming back for more.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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