Where can I find easy vegetarian recipes?

Dear Alice,

Where can I find easy vegetarian recipes?

Dear Reader,

Having some vegetarian (or vegan) recipes on hand can be helpful, whether or not you're a vegetarian yourself. There may be times when you have company over who have a plant-based eating pattern for cultural, religious, or other reasons, and thinking ahead in this way means you’re a thoughtful host. In addition, people may choose to consume few or no animal foods and products in their eating plans without going full-veg and desire to find suitable and tasty meatless substitutes. The good news is that meat-free eats are not the bland, boring fare some may associate with a vegetarian diet — the flavors, colors, and textures can be lively and appetizing to many palates. And, similar to non-vegetarian meals, vegetarian recipes can range from simple to more complicated to prepare. More good news: veggie-friendly recipes abound both online and in print.

First, a little bit of search and click: the Internet is rife with vegetarian websites, blogs, and recipes. Here are a few sources that might whet your appetite:

  • VegWeb — contains a seemingly unlimited number of recipes, and lots of other info vegetarians would find interesting.
  • 101 CookbooksA recipe collection focusing on natural, whole foods and ingredients. This resource includes a number of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes.
  • Vegetarian TimesAlso a monthly magazine, all recipes on this website are user rated and the internal search engine is very helpful.
  • Minimalist Baker — This blogger/cook puts a focus on many plant-based recipes that require ten or fewer ingredients, only utilize one bowl, or take less than 30 minutes to make.
  • IsaChandra.com — Around since 2003 (and previously called The Post Punk Kitchen), this site features fun vegan recipes, most often with simple ingredients that are easy enough to find.
  • Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)  — A non-profit organization featuring a number of vegetarian recipes and cookbooks, but also seeks to educate and advocate for a meat-free lifestyle.

These are but a handful of potential places to start — keep browsing though and you’ll likely find a few other sites that feature easy and tasty veggie bites.

Cookbooks are also terrific resources of recipes for vegetarians. You may decide to add a few to your collection or borrow a few from your local library to peruse and try out. Some suggestions include:

  • "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian," by Mark Bittman will appeal to those who seek simple vegetarian recipes.
  • "Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook," by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero — it’s a classic. While all the recipes are vegan, you could easily adapt and add some non-vegan, but still vegetarian ingredients, such as milk or cheese. These authors also have a number of other cookbooks, some of which feature a wide range of desserts!
  • "Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home: Fast & Easy Recipes for Everyday," by the Moosewood Collective. All of the Moosewood cookbooks are excellent!

In addition to these resources, you might tap other local resources, i.e. people you know! Are any of your pals eating vegetarian these days? Ask around and you might find even more delectable suggestions and recipes. For more information about vegetarianism, check out the related Q&As. Readers: Have some suggestions or recommendations? Leave 'em in the comments!

Happy (vegetarian food) hunting,

Last updated Nov 25, 2016
Originally published Oct 25, 2002

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