What if the condom is too big?

Dear Alice!,

I didn't see a question like mine. There are a lot of questions asking about condoms being too small, but what if the condom is too big? I know that there are regular size and XL condoms...but are there small ones too? I've never seen them in specialty stores. I suppose we could use female condoms but I'd prefer that he use a condom.

Thanks a bunch.

Dear Reader,

Whether XL, snug, ribbed, or blue, if you look hard enough, there's a condom for you! Condoms are available in a wide variety of lengths and widths (not to mention colors, flavors, materials, and textures). Since manufacturers of condoms don't have standardized sizing, it can be difficult to find the right size. The best thing to do is try a bunch of different sizes until you find the condom that fits you best. A firm yet comfortable fit decreases the chances that a condom will slip off during the heat of the moment. You may want to try them out on the erect penis before you hit the sack-this could help you find the safest and most comfortable option. 

It may seem difficult to find smaller-sized condoms because brands might not want to market their smaller size. But remember — penises come (pun intended) in all shapes and sizes, and snugger fit condoms are enjoyed by big and small guys alike. There is no shame in purchasing a "snugger fit" condom if that is what lights your fireworks! Online condom stores, such as Undercover Condoms and Condom Depot, often have lists of brands of smaller and snugger condoms that they carry. You can even buy a variety pack of smaller-sized condoms. Major brands that carry smaller-sized condoms include:

  • Durex "Enhanced Pleasure" condoms
  • LifeStyles "Snugger Fit" condoms
  • Beyond Seven, a Japanese brand that makes a variety of smaller condoms

Before you check the expiration date and unwrap it, here's something to note: some condoms are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it's highly recommended to look at the condom package to make sure that it will protect against pregnancy and HIV transmission. So, avid condom consumer, try them all until you find your favorite. Shopping has never been so much fun!

Last updated May 12, 2015
Originally published Dec 09, 2011

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